Introducing Firefly Invitations

Firefly Invitations


I’ve always loved designing invitations.  It started with my own wedding invitations.  Then my friends started having babies, and I was the go-to girl for baby shower invitations and birthday invitations.  When I started Perceptivity Studio, I knew that I wanted to incorporate custom invitation design into my service offerings.  So Firefly Invitations was born, with the goal of adding a touch of magic to all of life’s special moments, just like the fireflies who soar through the sky on warm summer nights.

I’ve just recently decided to fully integrate Firefly Invitations into Perceptivity Studio which will hopefully allow me to dedicate a bit more attention to it.  So take a look up into the navigation, and you’ll see Firefly Invitations living up there now right alongside all of our Perceptivity Studio pages.  There is a slideshow on the Firefly Invitations page that will show you some of the custom wedding invitations, baby shower invitations and birthday invitations we’ve done for our fantastic clients.  And there are lists of all of the pre-designed invitations we have completed for baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties if you’re looking for some party inspiration.  (Eventually I will get galleries up with pictures of all of these designs, but for now, just email me if there’s something you’d like to see!)

If you’re looking for invitations (or any other party printables, including cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, food table labels, water bottle labels, banners, or basically anything else you can imagine), I can either supply you the high-resolution printable files (that you can print yourself or have printed), or I can professionally print them for you…my personal favorite option is printing them on metallic/pearlescent paper, which looks gorgeous!

I will also be putting up some Firefly Invitations designs on the blog so you can see how our clients (and I) have used our designs over the years.  I hope you’ll get some inspiration from some of these incredible parties.

So what kind of parties do you have coming up ?  We’d love to help you make them magical, just give us a buzz.

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