{Web} Custom WordPress Website: LeShayne Maddex Photographer

While all of the projects I work on are special, this one wins an extra-special prize because it’s a custom WordPress website I developed for one of my best friends.

LeShayne Maddex has been there through thick and thin for 18 years, just barely edging out my husband as one of the people who’s been in my life the longest.  She started taking pictures informally when her awesome kiddos, my “adopted niece and nephew” Tori and Tristan, were born, then started getting more serious about her photography (conveniently) around the same time I was pregnant with my first son, Carter.  She took my maternity pictures, then became our official family photographer, taking pictures of Carter, then my second son Collin, every three months, which captured some of the most beautiful memories of my life in portraits that cover the walls of my home.  Most of my most priceless possessions came from her camera.

Her first photography business was Barefoot Summer Kids, and Perceptivity Studio helped her brand the  fun, splashy, kid-focused company with a logo, business cards, website and other marketing materials like flyers and email graphics.

But recently she started focusing more on weddings and decided it was time for her photography business to “grow up” a bit.  She developed her own logo, but of course Perceptivity Studio was back on board to help her with all of the other marketing elements she needed to get her name out there.  We started with business cards, and I developed a sophisticated pattern that I incorporated on the back of her cards, which we printed on a pearl paper for a soft, feminine look perfect for a photographer.

Pearlescent Business Cards


Next up was a website that could showcase her gorgeous photography, and I knew a custom WordPress website would be the perfect platform since she would be able to update her own website that way.

(click on the picture to view the live website)Custom WordPress Website

Again, I incorporated the circle and diamond pattern in the background, and her photography took a starring role in the slider. The custom WordPress website also features galleries for each of the five categories her work falls into, and the pictures are easily navigable through a lightbox format. Her custom WordPress website also has a blog that she can easily update herself with pictures from her sessions to give her clients a sneak peak of the beautiful work she does for each and every person she shoots.

As my friend, LeShayne came over to my house and we walked through all of the tasks she’d need to complete herself in the easy-to-use WordPress Dashboard.  But all of my custom WordPress website clients get their own “how-to” PDF guide to reference when the training wheels come off, and I’m always available to answer questions and troubleshoot any problems they might have.  It’s exciting to be able to hand my custom WordPress website clients the freedom to update their own websites without having to hire me to do it for them!

So to wrap this up, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, and you need a photographer for a wedding, family session, maternity pictures, engagement pictures, etc., my client and friend LeShayne Maddex will take good care of you.  Visit leshayne.com to view the website and get in touch with her.  If you’re looking for a custom WordPress website you can update yourself, I’d be happy to quote your project, just contact me and tell me more about your project!

{Web} Custom WordPress Websites You Can Update Yourself

Custom WordPress WebsiteIntroducing Custom WordPress Websites

We’ve been hearing more and more clients ask for a custom website you can update yourself, so we’re proud to announce that Perceptivity Studio is now offering custom WordPress websites!

So What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple-to-use platform that was formerly used for only blogging, and is now a fantastic way to build a robust, complete website for your company.  Its main feature is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to log in and make changes to your custom WordPress website….all on your own!

Benefits of a Custom WordPress Website

  • You will gain access to an easy-to-use, web-based content management system that will allow YOU to make edits to your custom WordPress website after it’s been finished…without having to pay me to do them!  Need to update some copy?  Add some new pictures to your portfolio?  Easy peasy, and you can do it yourself from your own simple dashboard that I will help you learn how to use.
  • There are over 20,000 plugins available for your custom WordPress website that will add invaluable functionality to your site…from powerful contact forms that will build an email database of marketing contacts for your company…to to stunning portfolios that show off your expertise…to social media integration of your company’s Facebook and Twitter…and so much more! We can talk about the functions that will best suit your company and choose the ones that will really make your custom WordPress website shine.
  • Using the WordPress platform for your custom WordPress website automatically gives you access to the most powerful tool for search engine optimization (SEO) out there: a blog! A blog is a fantastic way for you to get your company’s website noticed by Google, and I can help you learn how to use your custom WordPress website to optimize your content and start getting better Google placement while also helping you to become recognized as an expert in your field.  It’s almost like magic.
  • By working with Perceptivity Studio, you can get a custom design and custom graphics integrated into the most powerful framework on the web in your very own custom WordPress website design. We’ll create a custom WordPress theme for your website that fits your company’s brand.  Your logo, your colors, your look and feel, incorporated into the WordPress system for a custom WordPress website. My clients have consistently received amazing feedback on their website designs, and you can be another of my success stories!

Ready For Your Own Custom WordPress Website?

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Perceptivity Studio to design a custom WordPress website for your company today.
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