{Web} Custom WordPress Websites You Can Update Yourself

Custom WordPress WebsiteIntroducing Custom WordPress Websites

We’ve been hearing more and more clients ask for a custom website you can update yourself, so we’re proud to announce that Perceptivity Studio is now offering custom WordPress websites!

So What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple-to-use platform that was formerly used for only blogging, and is now a fantastic way to build a robust, complete website for your company.  Its main feature is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to log in and make changes to your custom WordPress website….all on your own!

Benefits of a Custom WordPress Website

  • You will gain access to an easy-to-use, web-based content management system that will allow YOU to make edits to your custom WordPress website after it’s been finished…without having to pay me to do them!  Need to update some copy?  Add some new pictures to your portfolio?  Easy peasy, and you can do it yourself from your own simple dashboard that I will help you learn how to use.
  • There are over 20,000 plugins available for your custom WordPress website that will add invaluable functionality to your site…from powerful contact forms that will build an email database of marketing contacts for your company…to to stunning portfolios that show off your expertise…to social media integration of your company’s Facebook and Twitter…and so much more! We can talk about the functions that will best suit your company and choose the ones that will really make your custom WordPress website shine.
  • Using the WordPress platform for your custom WordPress website automatically gives you access to the most powerful tool for search engine optimization (SEO) out there: a blog! A blog is a fantastic way for you to get your company’s website noticed by Google, and I can help you learn how to use your custom WordPress website to optimize your content and start getting better Google placement while also helping you to become recognized as an expert in your field.  It’s almost like magic.
  • By working with Perceptivity Studio, you can get a custom design and custom graphics integrated into the most powerful framework on the web in your very own custom WordPress website design. We’ll create a custom WordPress theme for your website that fits your company’s brand.  Your logo, your colors, your look and feel, incorporated into the WordPress system for a custom WordPress website. My clients have consistently received amazing feedback on their website designs, and you can be another of my success stories!

Ready For Your Own Custom WordPress Website?

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Perceptivity Studio to design a custom WordPress website for your company today.

Custom Website Design: Closet 2 Closet

Closet 2 Closet Custom Website DesignThere are certain design projects that mesh perfectly with my design aesthetic, and the custom website design I created for Closet 2 Closet was one of them!  This up-and-coming closet organizing and styling company had a whimsical logo to work with, and a bright, modern color palette, and as soon as owner Melissa and I discussed the project, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Her vision for the custom website homepage included three doors to represent the three business lines of Organizing, Styling and Consignment that Closet 2 Closet would offer its customers.  I created fun rollover images for each one using her “logo girl” in different colors to accomplish this.

I created a Before & After photo gallery for the Closet 2 Closet website , and I also manipulated her “logo girl” to come up with custom graphics for several of the other pages on the website.

Another one of my favorite features on the Closet 2 Closet website is the use of Google Fonts.  Traditionally, web design was limited by a teeny-tiny set of standard fonts that we as web designers had to use so everyone could view them on their computers…think Arial, Times New Roman…oh wait, I’m falling asleep here!  If you wanted a “pretty” font, you had to create an image of it and place that on the website, which was not only inconvenient, but also wasn’t the best for SEO.  Enter Google Fonts, just another way that Google makes my life easier!  They have hundreds of nice-looking fonts available that when encoded on your website, will show up on anyone’s computer, even if they don’t have them!  This may not sound exciting to you, but to web designers, it’s fantastic!  So you’ll notice that the Closet 2 Closet website has a nice script font in the headlines and a modern sans serif font for the body copy.  Perfection.

Melissa will be ramping up her efforts to launch Closet 2 Closet over the next couple of months, so if you need some help organizing your closet or if you have some designer clothes hanging around that you’d like to consign, contact info@mycloset2closet.com.

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