{Tutorial} Mickey Mouse Invitations

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation


The Mickey Mouse  invitations I designed for my son Carter’s third birthday are my new favorites!  And since I did a lot of Mickey-related Pinterest searching prior to hosting Carter’s Mickey Mouse birthday party (see more about the party in this post), I know that there aren’t a ton of unique Mickey Mouse invitations out there.  So if you’re willing to be a bit crafty, here’s a Mickey Mouse invitation tutorial showing you how I made these Mickey Mouse invitations a reality.

You can head to my Etsy shop to purchase the digital files for the (above) Mickey Mouse invitation from Firefly Invitations (you supply your Mickey Mouse birthday party details and I will include them and email you a PDF that you can either print yourself at home or have printed somewhere else, like FedEx Office). Or if you would rather create your own Mickey Mouse invitation design and just use this Mickey Mouse invitation tutorial for the “mechanics” then more power to you!

Here are all of the supplies you’ll need for each invitation:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations Supplies

  • (1) 5″ circle “big circle” component of the Mickey Mouse invitation (used for Mickey’s “face”)
  • (2) 3″ circle “small circle” components of the Mickey Mouse invitation (used for Mickey’s “ears”)
  • (2) small brads (I used small black “button” brads from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • 3″ circle punch (you can find these at most craft stores or online)
  • Small hole punch
  • 5″ square envelope (I used bright yellow “Mickey shoe” colored envelopes)
  • You’ll also need a $0.65 stamp (square envelopes cost more to send, but the extra postage covered the square envelope and the bump the brads made since they had to be hand cancelled)


1 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

1. Cut out 5″ big Mickey Mouse invitation circle from paper.
Note that I originally planned to use one of the large circle cutters that works kind of like a compass to cut out my big Mickey Mouse invitation circles, but I ruined quite a few invitations before I realized I wasn’t strong enough to get a good cut, and it was time for a change of plans!  So I just used scissors and cut them out, which worked way better.


2 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

2. Punch out the (2) small Mickey Mouse invitation circles from paper using the 3″ circle punch.


3 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

3. Punch small holes with the small hole punch on the top left and right side of the big circle. (I just eyeballed it and used the white lines as a reference point.)  Then punch small holes on the bottom right of the “Meeska Mooska” circle and the bottom left of the other circle.  Yep, I screwed this up a few times, too, reversing the location of the punches!


4 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

4. Attach the small circles to the big circle using the brads.
I found it looked better with the small circles overlapping the front of the big circles.


5 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial
5. Rotate the small circles inward so you’re left with one 5″ Mickey Mouse invitation circle that you can stuff into the square envelope.
I put them in so the brads were on the top of the envelope.


6. You’ll need to either get $0.65 stamps at the post office or use a regular stamp with extra postage (or technically you could use two regular stamps, but that’s the most expensive option).


Ta-da!  Your very own custom Mickey Mouse invitations!  I had so many of our friends contact me to tell me how much they—and their kiddos—had loved the invitations, which makes me so happy to hear.  I hope that those of you who try this tutorial have a similar response!  And if you do give it a try, please leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at info@fireflyinvitations.com, and I’d be glad to help you out!

Introducing Firefly Invitations

Firefly Invitations


I’ve always loved designing invitations.  It started with my own wedding invitations.  Then my friends started having babies, and I was the go-to girl for baby shower invitations and birthday invitations.  When I started Perceptivity Studio, I knew that I wanted to incorporate custom invitation design into my service offerings.  So Firefly Invitations was born, with the goal of adding a touch of magic to all of life’s special moments, just like the fireflies who soar through the sky on warm summer nights.

I’ve just recently decided to fully integrate Firefly Invitations into Perceptivity Studio which will hopefully allow me to dedicate a bit more attention to it.  So take a look up into the navigation, and you’ll see Firefly Invitations living up there now right alongside all of our Perceptivity Studio pages.  There is a slideshow on the Firefly Invitations page that will show you some of the custom wedding invitations, baby shower invitations and birthday invitations we’ve done for our fantastic clients.  And there are lists of all of the pre-designed invitations we have completed for baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties if you’re looking for some party inspiration.  (Eventually I will get galleries up with pictures of all of these designs, but for now, just email me if there’s something you’d like to see!)

If you’re looking for invitations (or any other party printables, including cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, food table labels, water bottle labels, banners, or basically anything else you can imagine), I can either supply you the high-resolution printable files (that you can print yourself or have printed), or I can professionally print them for you…my personal favorite option is printing them on metallic/pearlescent paper, which looks gorgeous!

I will also be putting up some Firefly Invitations designs on the blog so you can see how our clients (and I) have used our designs over the years.  I hope you’ll get some inspiration from some of these incredible parties.

So what kind of parties do you have coming up ?  We’d love to help you make them magical, just give us a buzz.

Custom Website Design: Closet 2 Closet

Closet 2 Closet Custom Website DesignThere are certain design projects that mesh perfectly with my design aesthetic, and the custom website design I created for Closet 2 Closet was one of them!  This up-and-coming closet organizing and styling company had a whimsical logo to work with, and a bright, modern color palette, and as soon as owner Melissa and I discussed the project, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Her vision for the custom website homepage included three doors to represent the three business lines of Organizing, Styling and Consignment that Closet 2 Closet would offer its customers.  I created fun rollover images for each one using her “logo girl” in different colors to accomplish this.

I created a Before & After photo gallery for the Closet 2 Closet website , and I also manipulated her “logo girl” to come up with custom graphics for several of the other pages on the website.

Another one of my favorite features on the Closet 2 Closet website is the use of Google Fonts.  Traditionally, web design was limited by a teeny-tiny set of standard fonts that we as web designers had to use so everyone could view them on their computers…think Arial, Times New Roman…oh wait, I’m falling asleep here!  If you wanted a “pretty” font, you had to create an image of it and place that on the website, which was not only inconvenient, but also wasn’t the best for SEO.  Enter Google Fonts, just another way that Google makes my life easier!  They have hundreds of nice-looking fonts available that when encoded on your website, will show up on anyone’s computer, even if they don’t have them!  This may not sound exciting to you, but to web designers, it’s fantastic!  So you’ll notice that the Closet 2 Closet website has a nice script font in the headlines and a modern sans serif font for the body copy.  Perfection.

Melissa will be ramping up her efforts to launch Closet 2 Closet over the next couple of months, so if you need some help organizing your closet or if you have some designer clothes hanging around that you’d like to consign, contact info@mycloset2closet.com.

Twitter’s New Logo: Going Iconic

There are plenty of iconic logos out there that you instantly recognize without seeing any words.

Just to name—or not name—a few.  And now there’s a new iconic brand that has gotten so big it no longer needs to tell you its name:

Yep, Twitter has dropped the Twitter logo, the “t” icon, and its old bird in favor of a new, more sophisticated bird infused with meaning (Per Twitter, “This bird is crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles … similar to how your networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends.”).  It’s been out for almost a month now, but since I’m not a huge Tweeter (is that the correct way to say it??) I’m just now reading the announcement on Brand New.

I think the new logo is a step up from where they started, and I certainly give them props for having the confidence to completely do away with their name in their main visual representation.  If you go to the Twitter website now, all you see is the bird…that takes guts!  I also really like the birdhouse-as-home icon that you see when you’re logged in.  It ties in well with their bird-themed brand.

While most of my clients are just a tad bit smaller than the companies mentioned in this post and I wouldn’t recommend that any of them drop their names any time soon, I have developed some nice icons as key components of many logo packages that can be used in conjunction with a company’s main logo.  Sometimes they tile nicely and look great as background images on a website like Control Logics.  Sometimes they can be used together with a more designed cover photo as a Facebook icon like the Relevancy Revolution Tour.

So whether you’re big or small, be iconic!

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