{App Design} Introducing Picasound!

Perceptivity Studio is proud to show you our first app design, a camera called Picasound that plays sounds to get the attention of your photography subject.  I worked with Return of the App on the app design to develop the graphics and user interface for the camera app including the color palette, menu bar layouts and main menu icons.  What a fun project!

With the Picasound app, you simply select your favorite sound from a choice  of 48 sound effects including animals, people, musical instruments and funny sounds.  (In our house, we like the animals best, including the dog, cow and monkey.) You push and hold the camera button to play the sound on a loop, then release it as soon as your child inevitably looks at the camera, usually with a smile on their face, to see what is making that sound.  And as a mother of two small children, I totally appreciate the thought that went into this app…if you’ve ever tried to get a child’s attention for a picture, you will, too!

Here are a few of the screenshots from the app design project I designed for them to so you can see it in action:

Picasound App Design  Picasound App Design  Picasound App Design

My goal for the app design was to keep the color palette kid-friendly but gender-neutral, and keep the design aesthetic sleek and simple.  I worked with the development team to tie my graphics into their framework, and I’m thrilled with the results of this fun app design!

In addition to the standard Picasound app ($1.99) that was first released, they’ve also developed Picasound Free (FREE!), Picasound Lite ($0.99), Picasound+ ($3.99) and the Picasound Soundboard ($0.99), which is great to have because it just has buttons to push that play the sounds, perfect for the kiddos to play with without taking pictures and filling up my camera roll, and mine LOVE to “play Picasound” even though it’s not really a game! All of the Picasound apps are available for all versions of the iPhone (including iPhone 5) in the App Store if you want to check it out.  Visit the Picasound website to learn more, or search for Picasound in the App Store.

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